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Guitar Lessons For Beginners – 6 week Course (Tue 6.30pm)

Dates: 6 Week Course
Location: London Music Academy. 21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA

Singing Lessons For Beginners – Level 1 Course

Date: 7 January to 11 February
Location: London Guitar Academy. 21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA

Piano Lessons For Beginners – Level 1 Course

6 week Course

Time: Every Wednesday @ 18:30-19:45
Location: London Music Academy. 21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA

Beginners Piano Course – Course content will include all the essential you will need to know to become a strong confident piano player. Learn all the Piano Essentials.

Beginners Guitar Lessons

£30 – £50

Beginners Guitar Lessons – You can’t hold a guitar? Pretty soon you’ll be holding a tune. Next you’ll be holding a Brit Award. Soon you’ll have the basics and sooner than you think you’ll have your own repertoire, surprising yourself and perhaps friends and family too.

Take a taster lesson and see what one session can do for you. Take it from there and take it to the next level.

Beginners Piano Lessons

£30 – £50

Classical piano through formal tuition? Learn to play your favourite pop songs?

Learning to play the piano might seem daunting, but truly, after one lesson you’ll be playing something meaningful, maybe something musical if you’re lucky. Great piano teachers will boost your resolve and lay the foundations for you to become the best pianist possible.

We enjoy teaching kids and teenagers, but we also enjoy teaching grown-ups. Anyone can learn to play the piano. Everyone should! You don’t even need a piano at home. We can expand your skill-set speedily so you progress your playing in the directions you want to.

Beginners Singing Lessons

£30 – £50

Right now you – perhaps – don’t sound exactly as you’d like to. You hit some notes. You hold some notes. But then sometimes you just don’t… You need confidence, maybe. You need technique, certainly.

Singing lessons for beginners teach breathing, warm up and letting loose.

You don’t have to be a good amateur singer to take singing lessons. (I mean, if you’re so good maybe you don’t need lessons!) Anyone’s singing can improve – vastly – with coaching. Some small dedication from you and some wise direction from a singing teacher is all that’s needed to amaze yourself – and maybe others – with just what you can do.

Don’t be intimidated. Your singing teacher has taught better singers than you and worse ones too. Singing teachers are not judgemental. They want you to sing! You may begin in fear but you will learn and improve in great joy!

Kids Guitar Lessons

£30 – £50

Kids Guitar Lessons – Where can I find guitar lessons for children? Where can I find guitar lessons for teenagers?

Our teachers love encouraging young people to learn guitar from a standing start. They also love taking young, self-taught guitarists out of their comfort zone and into a world of sweet sounding music.  You may never need to ask the kids to turn it down again…

Reassuring, confidence-building, intellectually-stimulating: guitar lessons for children can open up new worlds. It’s no exaggeration to say that the right guitar teacher can be life-changing for a young person.

The girls and boys who learn guitar with us will never be bored again…

Kids Drum Lessons

£30 – £50

Kids Drum Lessons – Lessons for drummers with little to no experience. We give you the opportunity to develop a love of drumming, whilst teaching you all the basic techniques and theory to kick start your musical journey. Kids can learn to play drums here. They will be excited, inspired and engaged with music. They will be happy and they will be safe. Sign up for School of Rock... (Or at least get your child a drum lesson!)

This is where a lifelong passion for percussion can be developed, with years of creative engagement and pleasure lying ahead.

Beginners Drum Lessons

£30 – £50

Beginners Drum Lessons – Drumming lessons for those with little or perhaps no experience. Develop a love of drumming and start out on an amazing journey. Drumming is satisfying and important. A band somewhere needs you. Percussion is vital… 

Kids Singing Lessons

£30 – £50

Kids Singing Lessons – We teach all ages and focus on the basic principles of singing and the introduction of correct vocal techniques. The small things make big differences. It doesn’t take much to go from shy and unable to sing to, well, confident and holding a tune! There’s an art to singing, of course. And there’s a science too.  

There’s showmanship, the dramatic art let’s say, and there’s technique. Learning to sing is an amazing journey. Start that journey here.

Kids Piano Lessons

£30 – £50

The London Music Academy has amazing piano teachers who love to teach children and young people, encouraging them, building their courage and determination and turning them into very happy, skilled musicians. Learning to play the piano is learning a discipline, but it’s also discovering an outlet for originality and pure pleasure, things every young person needs. We’ll help you take and make the grades. We’ll help you become a skilled pianist.

Improver Guitar Lessons

£30 – £50

Improver Guitar Lessons – You’re an intermediate guitarist, let’s say. You can already play. But now you want to play really well. You want to unlock the secrets. Well, we can tell you the secret right now. All you need is a guitar teacher who just gets it, who just gets you. A connection is required. You need the enthusiastic, skillful encouragement from an expert. And that’s what we offer here. You’ll be picking up new songs and learning new tricks, growing in confidence and getting consistently better, getting more and more from your love of music. You’ll go at your own pace, but it may be a pace that surprises you.