Your enjoyment of guitar and your appreciation of music will be forever changed when you take lessons with George.

Express Yourself. It’s one-on-one guitar lessons with George Marios. He’s a musical artist, Kody, a session player and songwriter, but he’s also a guitar teacher and mentor.

A great teacher, clear, informative and inspiring, he’s a major contributor to Lick Library, the biggest Guitar Tuition Record Label in Europe, and has released two best-selling DVD’s explaining his signature approach to improvisation and technique. He’s contributed to i-Guitar magazine, as well as the popular American Guitar Forum , Guitar Control. In short, his tuition material has reached thousands of guitarists and many of his private students are now pursuing a career at institutions such as Berklee College of Music, LIPA and LCM.

As well as one-to-one sessions, he’s run boot-camps such as “Guitar Getaways”, previously ran by Guthrie Govan and David Kilminster and has done webinars and delivered lectures all around the world.

As a session player, George has recorded for legendary producers Jeff Calvert (Judas Priest, Sara Brightman), Ian Grimble and production houses like Urban Development, Metropolis Studios, The Crypt Studios, Animal Farm Records and Epistry Records.

You’ll get better, so much better, when you take lessons with George.