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Piano lessons Children in London

Piano Lessons for Kids and Children

Welcome to Piano Lessons for Children London we will find the way to bring the love of music into your life! We teach carefully-structured lessons that guarantee you the ultimate progress for pianists of any age and ability. Lessons are scheduled at a regular time usually once a week and we teach Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Piano Lessons London teaching method focuses on creating a solid base of fundamental music theory knowledge, as well as piano technique. Private Piano Lessons for all ages and levels, help your youngster build a solid early foundation in music with teaching programs catered to each individual student’s learning style. We will work our very best to find you or your child with the best style of piano teaching.

Kids Piano Lessons

Kids Piano Lessons

Kids Piano Lessons

Piano lessons Children in London believe that anyone can play the piano well with the right teacher helping them. Beginning at 5 years old, will work from a comprehensive, integrative approach combining physical technique development exercises with a strong pre-reading program which evolves into reading on the staff within a few months. For beginners, we recommend a weekly half-hour lesson, though for more advanced students 45 minutes and hour may be more appropriate Whether you are beginner or have played before, you can learn more about music, and play more songs than you ever imagined.

  • Scale and Chord Approach, Key Signatures, Time Signatures,
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Attend more live musical performances
  • Improve my music reading
  • Piano lessons are held once a week
  • Piano Lessons Help Children in School
  • Improve your rhythm
  • Sound Dynamic, Sight Reading, Music Composition
  • Piano Lessons Raise Self Esteem
  • Improve my understanding of theory
  • Performing, reading, theory, technique and memorisation are included in the lesson. Classical, jazz and popular styles of piano are taught depending on the students interests
  • Piano Lessons Increase Coordination
  • Play even more musically
  • Improvisation Technique, Music History and Background, Musical Notation, Tempo
  • Piano Lessons Help Children to Concentrate
  • Learn to practice better so that I can learn my pieces faster
  • Piano Lessons Help Children to be Well-Rounded
  • Learn more about music history

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