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London Guitar Tuition

London Guitar Tutors

Guitar Lessons London. Maybe you have always wanted to play the guitar but never quite took the plunge. Or maybe you have been playing for years but find yourself playing the same licks over and over again and are ready for a new challenge. Maybe you have just fallen in love with a new genre and can’t wait to learn some new chops. Or maybe you want to learn how to write your own songs and accompany yourself.

Whatever your musical ambition, the London Music Academy has the solution for you.

Our lessons are uniquely tailored to help each pupil achieve their own goals and learn what they want to learn. Our tutors have years of experience and will be able to quickly understand what you want to learn and how to get you there – they will build a structured and personalised plan to get you playing what you want to play quicker than you ever could have imagined. We cater to all ages, skill levels and styles – everyone is welcome!

Pupils can choose to have their lessons at their homes or offices or at our tutors’ studios, which are based throughout London. Our pupils have years of experience teaching pupils of all backgrounds and abilities.

Everyone has a unique musical voice that is waiting to be released and some tailored and targeted techniques.

Guitar Lessons London - One-to-One and Group Guitar Lessons London

Guitar Lessons London – One-to-One and Group Guitar Lessons London

Guitar Lessons London – One-to-One and Group Guitar Lessons London

We offer lessons on an individual or a group basis. One-to-one lessons are of 30 minutes duration; group lessons can be from 30, 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon the guitar group size. London Guitar Tuition our music lessons are individually designed for each student, accounting for each person’s unique skill-level and abilities. Playing guitar is amazing way to discover new passions, build confidence and self-esteem, develop social skills and give yourself or your child the opportunity to pursue a hobby or career that they will enjoy forever.

Guitar lessons are essential to a musician’s development and education, and are incredibly important to developing a lifelong love of music. We offer structured music lessons and our electric and acoustic guitar teachers are highly trained, talented individuals who are selected for their ability to deliver our courses in an engaging and fun way. It is our goal to build soulful musicians through character driven leadership and to instil confidence by creating an environment where each student’s talents, goals and accomplishments are recognised.

London Music Academy is the home for music lessons and recording in London.

Guitar Tuition

Guitar Tuition

Acoustic Guitar Lessons London – Learn Guitar London

Electric & acoustic guitar tutors London.  No matter what your musical goals are, we tailor lessons to your experience, interests and skill level, whether that means learning your favourite Ed Sheeran  song, advanced music theory or both!

Some of the topics that we cover in our lessons include:

  • Guitar Classes in London for Kids and Teens

  • Professional guitar lessons with Guitar Lessons London, London’s leading independent guitar tutors
  • Improve your performance skills or work towards a qualification, we want our pupils to enjoy their time with us
  • Developing valuable skills which they can share with others and maybe even perform at musical events
  • Our guitar teachers will help you unlock your music potential
  • A dedicated place of learning and development for all types of guitar
  • Our lessons are fun, engaging and focused on helping you learn the music that you are passionate about
  • Music lessons are formed around each students’ goals
  • We have a range of music teachers who can help you get started
  • Beginner students welcome. All ages taught
  • Achieving your goals of being able to play a song or musical piece that you have always wanted to learn.
  • We tailor our music lessons to suit each individual pupil
  • Guitar Exams are optional in this fast paced course, with both group and solo performances as well as harmony and creative learning along the way
  • Contemporary guitar arrangements keeping it fun and relatable
  • Our teachers provide quality one on one lessons from their private teaching studios.
  • Lessons include a mix of theory, performance, song-writing, stage presence, and ensemble, you will learn to read music, play guitar and refine your listening skills
London Guitar Tuition

London Guitar Tuition

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