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Looking for Guitar Lessons London? Well, if you’re looking for the best guitar lessons in town, you’ve come to the right place!

Nothing beats the excitement and satisfaction of learning in a fun, safe and stimulating environment with a teacher that truly ‘gets you’. Our friendly and experienced teachers will quickly understand exactly what you want to learn and get you there quicker than you ever thought you could. You will notice your improvement from the very first lesson and before you know it you will be playing how you had always dreamed of!

We teach all levels, ages and styles, so whether you are a complete beginner, someone who can play a bit or an experienced guitarist seeking inspiration we will find a teacher that suits your style and skills level.

Start playing now and book a guitar lesson with London Music Academy today!

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London Guitar Lessons

Always wanted to play guitar like a pro? Never touched a guitar in your life before? Want the very best guitar lessons in the town?  No problem! Get in touch with us today and see immediate results!

With our lessons you can too become a guitar maestro in no time. We offer result oriented guitar lessons so you can be certain that you will see results. Our teaching methods are unique and effective and you can learn to play guitar even if you have no prior training. 

Live your dream today!

So many people have a childhood dream of learning to play guitar but they fear that they are not good enough. Well, we disagree. Our coaches have trained people who didn’t even know how to hold a guitar properly. You can learn to play guitar too but one thing you have to do is take action NOW!

London’s Largest Music School

We are the largest music school in London. We have a rich history and a long list of prodigies who have left their mark on the music world. Guitar playing is an art that everybody learns with hard work and practice. If you think you are passionate enough, do give us a call and we will help you harness your passion for music.

From Beginners to Advanced

Whether you are a newbie to the guitar world and want to learn everything from scratch or you are an advanced player who wants to polish his skills, we are your ultimate choice in any case. We provide music lessons in a wide range of packages for your convenience. There is no excuse left for you really. Just take that first step and who knows where you might be in just a little time.

Reach out to us today and book your first guitar lesson. We will love to see your dreams come true.

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All Levels


Learn Guitar in London Area


Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Level 1 Course

6 week Course


Course content will include all the essential you will need to know to become a strong confident guitarist. Learn all the Guitar Essentials.

All Levels


Guitar Lessons Gift Vouchers

Easy to follow


Our Guitar Lessons teach notes, theory, styles, rhythms, improvisation and songs. You will learn how to vary the sounds on the guitar including percussive techniques which most other teachers can’t teach. You’re guaranteed to see weekly progress and will be playing songs, master pieces, improvising and composing/rearranging before you know it.

Step by step


Firstly we make sure you always enjoy playing guitar and making music. Guitar Lessons London deliver a professional, relaxed & intuitive learning experience. Every student will learn how to play with real confidence & enthusiasm. LMA tailors a program to the individual needs & goals of each student, our goal is to help aspiring electric and acoustic guitarists  learn and explore their musical interests while providing affordable lesson fees with flexible scheduling and payment options. 

Favourite 90’s Grunge Songs

Learning to play guitar is loads of fun and rewarding.  LMA guitar lessons are a great place to start! We are delighted to be celebrating over 20 years of quality tuition in London.


Students receive a strong and solid understanding of music basics and fundamentals, while at the same time excel at playing pieces that they enjoy.  All our  lessons are customized to meet the individual needs and goals of each student with the use an effective and highly innovative teaching method for helping students excel in music theory, technique, sight-reading, ear training, and musicianship.


Group guitar lessons are available to anyone of all ages and levels wanting to learn with friends, family or in a social group atmosphere.


Home visit Guitar Lessons in London our mobile teaching is based on over 20 years of playing guitar as well as extensive research in the art of teaching.


Electric Guitar Lessons London will improve your overall confidence and skills and make you a great electric guitarist.


Our lessons are strategically planned to cover all basic guitar techniques, learning some fun popular songs along the way. Each lesson is special.


Each lesson is divided between learning to play songs you choose, as well as learning essential musicianship necessary to master the guitar


Group Guitar Lessons London  sociable guitar classes with streamlined theory and technique applied to learning songs and solos

All Ages,
Levels & Styles

Beginning guitarists will build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of guitar playing, and advanced guitar players can concentrate on honing their skills and developing the styles and techniques of their choice. Students at the London Music Academy receive the very best in personalised guitar lessons that are tailored to their strengths, musical interests, and personal goals Beginning guitar students will receive instruction in all of the solid of guitar playing and music in general. Building great confidence and feel really inspired to take your guitar playing to the next level.

 Guitar Lessons 
Learn to play guitar

LMA help students to develop a life-long skill and passion for music with the ultimate in training for the modern musician. Our world-class music teachers we strengthen creativity, certainty and determination in students of all ages to become an exceptional musician through outstanding music education. We will bring out the very best in you and help you make your mark on the future of music in your life. with private and group lessons, Suzuki training, performance ensembles and summer programs for children and teens. Learn how your gift can shape the future of music with our  proven track record of encouragement & excellence!

Home Visits Offered

Professional Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons London

Boost confidence and build self esteem today! It could start as easily as setting up London guitar lessons now. We offer London guitar lessons, piano, singing, bass, drum, DJ, retreats and camps.

Music lessons provide so much more than a safe spot to stay after school. Those who learn to play an instrument tend to develop higher IQ and standardised test scores, self-discipline, a good work ethic, improve memory and instill leadership characteristics. Additionally, music students tend to experience fun and joy in the process.

Listening to and learning to play a musical instrument helps clear the mind and calms nerves. Did you know that, to relax, Einstein used to play the violin when he needed to think through a tough problem? 

A study done by the University of London shows that students who took any form of music lessons improved their IQ scores compared to those who didn’t take music lessons.

Beginners to experienced players learn the guitar at the London Music Academy through our experienced and friendly teachers who provide personalised tutors and courses. Whether you were born with natural rhythm or have a beating desire to learn, it’s time to join the ranks of skilled musicians now. 

Start by booking guitar lessons in London now. We have experienced teachers waiting to give quality instruction. Get started with guitar lessons at London Music Academy today.

All Ages, Levels & Styles Taught - Studio & Mobile Teacher

Areas Of Study LMA makes it easy and fun!

  • Easy to use Acoustic and Electric guitar techniques for beginners
  • You get the personal attention that only a live, hands-on instructor can provide
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitar
  • Scales and improvisation
  • Quality Lessons - Flexible Times
  • Fingerpicking
  • Songs and repertoire in any musical style
  • Advanced Rock/Blues/Metal lead guitar
  • Arranging for solo acoustic and Jazz guitar
  • Songwriting with demo recording
  • Ukulele lessons
  • Writing songs you can be proud of!
  • Auditioning, recording, and playing live with genuine confidence.
  • Achieving your personal musical goals.
  • Teachers who cares about your progress and is committed to seeing you reach your potential
  • Classical guitar, Grades, Repertoire, Right hand technique, Playing Techniques
  • Sight reading, Memorise Key Signatures, Familiarise Yourself with Rhythms
  • Chords and rhythm guitar
  • Jazz/Rock/Blues/Country/Metal guitar styles
  • Advanced Jazz Improvisation
  • Electric bass guitar lessons in all styles
  • Jazz theory and jazz guitar improvisation,
  • Composition and demo recording
  • You learn to practice effectively
  • Laying down solid rhythms in any style.
  • Mastering the art of groove.
  • Understanding the signature traits of your favourite songs.
  • Playing your favourite songs from intro to outro
  • Jamming and soloing with melodic fluency.
  • Learn right away, so you practice the right things the right way and improve much faster.
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How much do lessons cost?

The majority of our lessons cost £50 per hour, crazily competitive pricing for the leading teachers in a costly city. That said, some sessions cost less, some more. And amongst the many lessons and packages offered you will find some one-off specials, be it a working trip to Nashville or a song writing weekend in Scotland, and, of course, prices vary.

Where are you based?

London Music Academy teachers can be found all over London. There’s a music teacher, an inspirational and expert music teacher, somewhere near you. In London – the urban myth says – you’re never more than six feet from a rat. Don’t know about that, but with the London Music Academy you’re never more than half a mile from a music teacher… You’ll find the right music teacher right here. Choose your instrument, your level and your tutor. Search by specific parts of London. We have all the variables covered and you don’t have to schlep all the way across town!

You can learn in your own home: many teachers will visit or at a tutor’s home: even music teachers need somewhere to live. You can learn in a studio: a lot of our teachers have great studios. Or you can learn music somewhere else: an office or a school or wherever’s appropriate.

Can you teach complete beginners?

We love to teach absolute beginners. Musical novices are a joy. The positive progress they will make is thrilling (for teacher and pupil)! Anyone is very welcome, and we move at the pace that is best for each student, the speed they are entirely comfortable with so that their confidence and skill increase together.

Do you teach children?

We teach children and teenagers. It’s never too soon (or too late) for learning to play an instrument or learning to sing. With musical instruments, young people learn exactly as adults do, often faster. Often it’s youngsters who are playing the drums in the style of John Bonham while the adults are still battling the single paradiddle. With singing, children do the same vocal exercises as adults, exercises that are great fun. It’s vital that good singing habits are ingrained early.

What songs will I learn? What music will we play?

You can choose what you want to learn. Your teacher can choose what’s best for you. And typically the happy medium will be somewhere in between.

Do I need anything before I start my first lesson?

Nope. But perhaps there’s a song you want to sing, a tune you want to learn to play. Bring along the relevant music if that’s the case. Bring your instrument too, unless it’s a piano.

Can we arrange group lessons?

Group music lessons are available. Learning music with friends can be very successful. The enthusiasm and momentum generated can be infectious. Soon you’ll be singing together like the Bach Choir, harmonising like The Mamas & the Papas, rocking like The Foo Fighters.

While you can book group music lessons online here, you may have specific numbers and needs you want to discuss, so feel free to get in touch with us.

And if you have, say, school groups, or perhaps a few of you are seeking a very special musical experience, something only we can put together for you, then have a read about the sort of things that are possible and then call us for a chat.

Another opportunity for group learning: businesses. Really, learning music together is a thing. In fact, it’s the thing. Various companies use our teachers to inspire their employees. It’s a team-building thing. An employee well-being thing. A perk-of-the-job thing. The Friday lunchtime massage, the duvet days, the abseiling in the Brecon Beacons – they’re old hat. Music lessons for business groups and companies is where it’s at. The team from accounts will be recreating stadium Rock at the next office party, perhaps…

Do you sell gift vouchers for music lessons?

We sell vouchers, gift certificates, whatever you might like to call them. Vouchers for music lessons are, simply, an amazing present, the gift that keeps on giving (throughout the year, long after Christmas has come and gone). In fact, they’re a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Can I book a block of lessons, a series?

Yes! Commit to a series of lessons. Dedicate yourself to truly getting better. This is the most effective way to learn. Reach your guitar goals or singing ambitions over a fixed period of time with a set of lessons.

A good teacher will, obviously, show students new things to play. Often though they don’t teach how to actually practice what they learn. All London Music Academy teachers want their students to make leaps and bounds and that means taking time to show them the best way to work on their own. A block of lessons, in which practise is taught, and where in between each lesson that practise is carried out, brings about real results, progress at the sort of rate that is pure joy.

The London Music Academy’s lessons are the ideal way to start or continue your journey to becoming the best musician you can be, all in a fun, relaxed and encouraging environment. Everybody’s different and our lessons are all about you.

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